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官立嘉道理爵士學校(西九龍) x 「我敢高飛」歷奇訓練日營

Cooperation partner: St. James Settlement “Grant-in-aid” Brightens Children’s Lives Charity Project

Date: 28 Mar 2015

Target participants: S. 1 & S.2 EM students

1) To enhance self-confidence;
2) To learn effective communication and problem solving skills.

Evaluation results (abstract):
1) I know more about my strengths after the day camp......100% agree & strongly agree
2) I am skilled to effective communication and problem solving......76.5% agree & strongly agree
3) My self-confidence is increased......100% agree & strongly agree
4) Trainers facilitated my participation and reflection through out the day camp......100% agree & strongly agree

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