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金巴崙長者會耀道小學 x 路德會雍盛綜合服務中心 x「齊上齊落」團隊歷奇訓練

Cooperation partner : C. P. C. Yao Dao Primary School / Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service LC-HKS Jockey Club Yung Shing Lutheran Integrated Service Centre

Date: 8 Sept 2014

Target participants: School teachers

1) To faciliate mutual unserstanding and trust;
2) To enhance belongingness and cohesion.

Evaluation results (abstract):
1) The activities create opportunities for me to get familiar with my team.
100% agree
2) I have more trust to the team after I finished the training. 98% agree
3) I have incresed the sense of belongingness to the School after I finished the training. 98% agree

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